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The Little Train Ch 1

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The Little Train
By Judith Lawrenson
Illustration by William Lawrenson, Jr.

Once upon a time there was a very little train. Even though this train was little, it did very big jobs and was always busy bringing things to people who need them. You might be thinking that this train was "The Little Engine That Could" or even the "Little Blue Train" but no, this train was known far and wide as The Imagination Train!

In the picture, the train is carrying toys, so today it might be a Christmas Train. But tomorrow, it may be bringing food to needy people who have been flooded or had their homes damaged by storms. On another day the train may be delivering donated clothing to boys and girls who do not have warm jackets or good shoes. Next week, the happy little train may be going to the circus and helping to carry supplies to the animals.

This train can go anywhere your imagination takes it. That is the fun part. You have to make up the story of the Imagination Train and where it might be going today. In your story time or in your reading group please talk about the different things a train might do. They do not have to be real things. Remember, this is your own imagination. have fun talking about the train and then color the picture after you download it from your computer!
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