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Rumpelstiltskin Ch 2

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Chapter 2

As the door to the small room slammed, the miller's daughter, whose name by the way is Evelyn, began to cry. She cried and cried until she cried herself to sleep. Several house later, she woke suddenly to a strange noise. It was a tiny little dwarf of a man who was sitting by the spinning wheel laughing.

“I can spin all of this straw into gold as quick as a wink,” he said, (What does “QUICK AS A WINK” mean) “And I will too. if you give me that little gold locket you are wearing.”

“Oh, of course I will. But who are you? Why are you here? Did you hear me crying? How did you know I was in trouble? Do you know my father?” Evelyn asked without pausing for breath. (Find the homophone.)

“Too many questions and too little work. I will get started as soon as you give me the locket.” he declared.
Evelyn did as she was told and true to his word, he spun all of the straw into gold and disappeared in a flash. Well, the next morning everyone was shocked to discover Evelyn and a room full of finely spun GOLD! The king was thrilled and of course, because he was greedy, he put her into an even bigger room and again threatened her father’s life if she did not spin. He was much more gentle this time, though, because he had begun to notice Evelyn’s beauty' and her gently nature. He was also impressed by the wav she loved her father in spite of the fact that he really did tell some outrageous (out RAY jus) stories.

When the door was slammed the little man was already there. He was not so nice this time and demanded a lock of Evelyn's lovely golden hair (Is a lock of hair like the lock on a door?) as payment this time. Of course, she had to say yes.

When morning came, all were in awe of the room full of gold. Even the miller could not believe one of his stories had come true! Now, the king gently lifted Evelyn up in his arms and kissed her on the cheek. He was truly touched by her warm nature and her soft and gently ways.

“Once more, Evelyn and I will never ask you again. If you do this again for me. I will make you my wife, for you have shown me that love has more power than greed. Only please, just one more time.” he begged.

Well, Evelyn was thrilled. She had seen the king also in a different light. She was no longer afraid of him and she thought she would trade the little man another lock of her hair and be done with the whole thing. (Little did she know!!)
She agreed and smiled at the king and closed the door to the room herself. Again, there was the little man, but this time he had a cruel look on his face and a sneer on his lips.

“r will spin again for you, foolish girl, but this time not for small trifles. (What does he mean by the word “trifles?”) I want something special this time. After all, you are going to be the queen if this straw is spun and perhaps you and your foolish father will be cast out of the castle in disgrace if it is not. Who knows when a king will change his mind about marrying some miller’s daughter peasant girl who refuses to do as he wishes,” he growled.
“What is it you so desperately (DES prut lee) wish for, little man, and why? You have gone to a great deal of trouble to come to this situation with me,” asked Evelyn with a mixture of fear and curiosity

“I want your first child-be it bov or girl. I grow’ lonely as I age alone and friendless in the
Forest of Tall Trees. If I had a child to keep me company in my old age my life would not be so hard.”
Well, Evelyn thought perhaps he was friendless and had such a hard life because he seemed to be very' difficult to get along with, but, wisely, she held her tongue. (Did Evelyn really “hold her tongue?”) she also believed there really was little chance of the king marrying a simple miller’s daughter even though he had vowed to do so. She couldn’t quite think it would happen. I guess she was pretty tired of big stories having to listen to her father all of her life and all. Besides, what choice did she have. If the gold was not spun the king surely would cast both her and her father out into the castle in disgrace.

“All right, it’s a bargain. You had better get started,” she said with a sigh.

In the morning when the king arrived, the room was full of the same beautiful fine-spun gold as before. Delighted, he took Evelyn in his arms and asked her to be his queen. Overwhelmed, she agreed.
Time went on and they were wed. They lived in great happiness for the king was truly a changed man and loved her dearly. He became more kind to his people too and they became a popular and beloved couple to one and all. They' often drove out among the people to greet them and were greeted in return by cheers and expressions (ex PRESH uns) of support.

After several years, long after gold, and little men had been forgotten, the queen (known to us as Evelyn) discovered she was going to have a child. Still forgetful of the little man, she and the king and all of their subjects (Is this different from school subjects?) were beside themselves with joy.
In time, she had a healthy, baby boy whom she and the king loved above all things. What happiness was not theirs. But. you know what happened next, don’t you? Yes. one day when the queen was alone with her new son, there appeared at the window, the little man.

‘Give me my baby, Evelyn!’’ he cried.

Well, suddenly it all came back to Evelyn. She remembered the gold, the little man, and worst of all. she remembered her promise. At once she began to cry and sob. The baby began to cry as well. So pitiful was the sobbing, even the little man was moved.

“All right, all right, I will give you one more chance, fool that I am. This will prove, though that the baby is mine for sure and that it was meant to be.” he said to Evelyn. “My name is a secret. Guess my name and you keep your child. I will give you three days with three guesses on each day. On the third day, if you have not guessed my name, I take the baby and go. You never see me again and you may tell the king what you will.”

As before. Evelyn could see no choice but to agree which she did. The little man bade her farewell and said he would return for the first guesses on the morrow. (What does “on the morrow” mean?)

Evelyn, as we know, was no fool. She thought he must have some sort of unusual name else why would it be such a secret. She racked her brain to think of the most unusual names she had ever heard. When the little man returned the next day she was ready

'It is either Alothertain. Abonontheral. or Babknockterstal? she asked without much hope.

“No, No, and No!" screamed the little man with delight. “You will have to do better than that.”

The next day was no better though Evelyn thought she had a much better selection of names.
"Is to Humperdinck, or Michaeismith, or Zekeburton?” she asked. (She had high hopes for Zekeburton I might tell you.)

“No, No, and No! I will be back tomorrow and you better have the baby ready to travel quite a distance and you better not cry or beg either.”

Well, finally facing the bitter truth. Evelyn knew she had to tell the king and throw herself on his mercy. She knew he would be angry that she had lied, but hoped his love for her would save the situation, (sit chew A shun)

She was right! When she tearfully told the king her story', he vowed to help her. He knew that, in those old days, he had been greedy and he always regretted that he had treated Evelyn and her father so cruelly. He saw a chance, now, to make up for all of this. Quickly, he ordered his guards far and wide in the kingdom to search for the little old man or to ask all they met for clues to his name. Thinking back, there were clues. Can you remember what they were?
Well, they waited and waited for results of the king’s search. Finally, just as they saw the little man coming up to the castle, one of the king’s guards came running in to the throne room.

“Your Majesty, I have found the answer,” he cried. "One of the villagers told me they were walking in the Forest of Tall Trees (Clue) a far distance from here (Clue) when he saw the little man dancing around a camp fire chanting a song.

I am fine
The little baby soon will be mine.
Could this be the answer?”

Well, of course it was. The king and queen were beside themselves with joy. When The little man came into the room he had a basket in his hand and was confident that the baby would be his. He told Evelyn to try to guess but he never dreamed she knew his name.

' Is it Rupert or Rippington?” she asked.
“No and no.” he roared. “One more chance, my pretty!”
"Well well." she said pretending to be deep in thought. “Is it by any chance


“Who told you? Who told you? How did you ever guess?” He raged and screamed and stomped his feet and flew into such a rage that he exploded into a puff of smoke right before her eyes! Which just goes to show you that getting mad never solved anything.

The king and queen were overcome with joy and gratitude. They gave the guard a sack of gold as a reward and he shared it with the villager who had seen the little man and heard his song. The king and queen gave a party for the whole kingdom the likes of which had never been seen before and guess what else. Yes, they all lived happily ever after?
And that is the end of the story.

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