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Rumpelstiltskin Ch 1

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Re-told by Judith Lawrenson M.A.

Once upon a time in an age long ago and a place far away, there lived a poor miller and his beautiful daughter. (What is a miller?) The miller was a kind man and a good lather. He worked hard every day and tried to do the best he could. He sounds like a wonderful fellow, doesn’t he? Well, he was, except for one thing. He was always boasting (What does boasting mean?) and making up unbelievable tales. Once he said his daughter could fly through the sky. Everyone knew, of course, that it was not true, so they only laughed at him. Another time he said that he knew where to find a huge pirates treasure. Again, all of the townspeople knew him to be a windbag (What is a windbag and why did they call him one?) so no one listened to him.

He was forever making up stories and they were usually (UZ you uh lee) about his sweet and pretty daughter. His daughter was so kind and gentle that he need not have made up even one little story about her as she was so lovely anyway, but the miller would brag on and on just the same. He was a widow and doted on his only child. All those who knew him ignored (How do you ignore someone?) his tall tales , (Did the miller have a tall tail?) though because they also knew him to be a good man in every other way.
One day, though, as chance would have it, the miller was talking on and on as usual about his daughter when he told the biggest story of all.

‘My daughter has the most beautiful golden hair in the kingdom!” he cried. “But even better that that is the fact that she can spin (What will she use to spin?) straw into strands of real gold that is as fine and lovely as her golden hair!”

Again, the townspeople laughed at him, but in his crowd of listeners that day happened to be one of the King’s messengers on his way from the forest to the castle.

“Oh, my,” he thought to himself. “The King loves gold. I bet I would be well rewarded if I were to tell the King about a girl who could spin straw into gold.”

And with that, off he rushed to tell the King what he had heard.

When the King’s messenger reached the castle (What is another word for castle?), he ran straight in to the throne room and dashed up to the King

“Oh, Your Majesty, you will never imagine what I heard as I passed through the village today. A miller was talking to a crowd of people and he told them his daughter could spin ordinary (OR din air e) straw into fine gold. What do you think of that?” he cried excitedly.

“Well,” answered the King, who was not a fellow to be easily taken in (Would the King really be “taken in’’ to someplace or is this just an expression?), 1 would have to see that to believe it, I can tell you. I greatly love gold, and I should like to look upon this miller and his spinning daughter right away. Have the guards find them both and bring them to me!”

The messenger found the guards and they set off to the village to find the miller and his daughter who were, at that moment, sitting down to dinner without a care in the vvorld-or so they thought
The guards crashed into their house and immediately (What does immediately mean?) brought the frightened miller and his daughter before the King.

The King was amazed at the beauty of the miller’s daughter, especially her lovely golden hair. Her father, the miller, had no idea why they had been brought before the King and imagined that he had committed some crime that he didn’t even know about. He was truly frightened and so was his daughter.
When the King finally spoke to them, he said, “Come closer, and answer a question for me. Is it true that your daughter can spin straw into gold. If this is true it would be a great thing and you both would be highly rewarded if you could do this for your King.”

Now the miller understood. Someone had overheard his boasting about his daughter and ran to tell the King. He was in for it now! Scared nearly to death, the miller pulled himself together and decided to be bold and stay with his story .

“It is true, your Highness, my daughter used to do that. But, she tired of all the mess and no longer spins. She can do many other things, and. as you can see, she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world.” Hoping the King would now release them, the miller grabbed his daughter by the arm and started to back up toward the door. He did not know the King, of course, and at once the guards stepped up and pointed their swords at the miller.

i love gold above all things.” said the King, and I will have it. I will place your daughter in a room lull of straw and by morning she will spin it into gold or your life will surely be in great danger. I will accept nothing else, miller. What do you say to that?”

Terrified now, the miller could only sputter and he could not utter a single word. The guards seized (What does seized-see z d-mean?) his daughter and tossed her into a small area just off the throne room. Within a few minutes they gathered a mound of straw and tossed that in too. Finally, they tossed in an old wooden spinning wheel and slammed the door shut.

“Oh, what ever shall 1 do? My boasting and story' telling has put both myself and my daughter into danger. What will become of us now?” wailed the miller.

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