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Recycled Bike

Treasure Hunt and Skills Exercise

1. The word recycle begins with the "Rr" sound. See how many words that begin with "Rr" you can find in the story.

2. Look at the way quotation marks " " are used to tell you what people say. Write your own sentence using quotation marks.

3. Find the word best on page 1. Write three words that rhyme with best.

4. Find the color word brown on page on page 4. See how many other color words you can write.

5. On page 5 Billy’s family is eating breakfast. List four things you like to eat for breakfast.

7. On page 6 there is a tiny, little box for Billy’s birthday present. What would you like for your birthday that might be in a tiny box?

8. Look all through the story and try to find all of the words that have a silent "e."

9. Read the bike safety tips from Billy and Ray. See if you can add two of your own.

10. Look for all of the to, two, and too words. Tell how to use each one.

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