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Recycled Bike Ch 3

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The Recycled Bike

Chapter 3

On the birthday morning everyone was up early. Billy called Ray to see if they were ready to go.

"What’s up," asked Ray? "They can’t get a bike to the pancake house, can they? Something else must be going on. I think my mom knows something too. Parents can sure be tricky. Oh, my mom just said to tell your mom we will meet you there. The back of our mini-van is full of newspapers and cans to drop off at the recycle center. We will stop on the way home. See ‘ya there!"

As they hung up, they were both more puzzled than ever. "Mom, Ray said they would meet us there.

"Let’s go," said Billy. "All right. Lesley, let’s go," called Mom. "Please help me carry these bags down to the car and put them in the trunk. We will drop them off at the recycle center on the way home from the pancake house.

Oh, and here is Billy’s present," she said handing a tiny little flat box to Dad. "We can’t forget this!"

"Oh, no," thought Billy to himself. "If that is a bike, it must be pretty tiny." They all piled into the car and headed off to the Pancake House. "Well, young fella," said Ray’s dad after they finished their pancakes, "lets see what Billy got for his birthday. Open it up, son!"

As Billy took the paper and ribbon off of his present he could feel that it was a frame.
"Gee," he exclaimed, "it’s a picture. It’s a picture of the bike I wanted."

"Yes, son," said Mom. "Ray, Lesley and Brian, please bring in the bags of newspapers from the car."
Out to the car they ran and brought in the bags Brian and Lesley had made up the day before. As Billy took the newspapers off the top of each bag, there were all of the bike things they had hidden. There was the horn, the helmet, the reflectors, the seat, the little tool kit, and everything.

"This is so great," he cried. "But where is my bike?"
"Look under the newspapers in my mini-van, Billy," said Ray’s mom.
Out to the van he ran and quickly lifted up the newspapers. There it was, the bike he had wanted so much. It was even the right color.
"Can I ride it," he cried.

"Sure," said his dad. "Open the last two bags and bring me the tool kit."
Can you guess what Billy found in the last two bags? Yes, it was training wheels. His dad put them on with the little tool kit and Billy put on his helmet and rode his new bike all around the parking lot.
What a happy birthday!

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