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Recycled Bike Ch 1

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The Recycled Bike
Written by Judith Lawrenson
Illustrated by William H Lawrenson

Chapter 1

"Well, it's one day before my birthday and I don't have any idea what Mom and Dad are going to get for me. I couldn't even guess, and they know I really want a bike," said Billy to his sister.

"Don't look at me," answered his sister Lesley with a grin. "I don't know anything either. Honestly, I don't! They are pretty sneaky about keeping birthday presents a secret, you know. Remember their trick for my birthday last year?"

I wanted a Siamese kitten for my birthday so much. I hinted and hinted just like you with your bike. Then there was that huge wrapped package in the family room for a whole day before my birthday.

Remember when I opened it there was a big bag of kitty litter, a kitty bed, a brush, and two cans of cat food inside. Then I found that envelope full of clues. I had to follow those clues all over the house and yard to find Simon. It was worth it though. He was the best present ever. He is the most beautiful kitty in the world. You know how much fun Mom and Dad can make a birthday!

"Sure, I know, and I remember. You’re right too," said Billy, "Mom and Dad do make it fun and Simon is such a great pet. The whole family loves him. He loves us back too because we take such great care of him. I don’t want another pet though. What I really want a bike so Ray and I can ride in the cul-de-sac and down the street together.

I know they won’t let us ride to school until we are in the third grade next year, but Ray and I could ride all over the neighborhood just for practice. I’d like a small two wheeler with a horn on it and one of those cool helmets I saw down at the bike shop. You know, the one that is sort of purple with flames on it?"

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