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Pied Piper Ch 3

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Pied Piper

Chapter 3

And just as he had done with the rats, the Piper danced and piped up and down all the side streets, lanes, avenues and roads playing his tune. The grown ups watched in amazement, unable to move, as he led all of their children out of town! He led them to the same hillock and into the same cave as he had led the rats earlier in the day.

When the people realized what the Piper was doing, they began to cry and scream.
“Our children, our children! Our wonderful children are all gone. Oh, what have we done?” they moaned. Then, as one person, they all turned to, you guessed it, Mayor Mauldin. “Brass coins, brass coins, we must have brass coins to pay the Piper,” he cried out in desperation. Then the truth came out. When the townspeople found out what he had done, they were furious. “How could you?” they all cried.

“Well, how could I know this would happen. You all wanted the rats gone and what was I to do? It was great to be Mayor when things were going well. I am happy to give the job to someone else now.” said he in a whiny little voice.

Oh, what to do, what to do. How could this problem be solved and how could the town of Hamelin get their beloved children back home. There are many possible endings to this story boys and girls. Perhaps you could think  of some of your own, but here is the one I like the best. Then, Mayor Mauldin had an idea.

“I know what to do. Why don’t we all work together to solve this problem. I made a mistake but to be honest, we have all been part of the trouble. We have looked for an easy way out of a hard problem and that never works really. Let us all work together for a good solution.

I do not have a bag of brass coins and neither do any of you, but between all of us we could surely each give a little bit to make up the whole amount. And that, boys and girls, is exactly what they did. Each of the townspeople went home and found one, two, sometimes even three brass coins and when they all met in the town square, they had just exactly enough to fill the bag for the Piper.

Just as they had finished tying up the bag, who should appear but, you guessed it, the Pied Piper himself. “So, you have the coins now I see. I knew that if you thought of a way to work together you could see the right thing to do. See, I have done much more than rid your town of rats. I have shown you the value of caring about each other, not looking for only the easy way out, and most important of all, I have shown you that the most important things in life have nothing to do with brass coins,” he said in a very deep sincere voice.

And, just as he finished speaking, over the hill just outside of Hamelin, came all the children. They were laughing and singing and calling out to their parents.

“Oh, Oh, what a lovely time we have had at the Piper’s party. Lots of food and music and fun,” they all cried. The parents ran to greet them and the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin had a very happy ending.

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