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Pied Piper Ch 1

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Pied Piper of Hamelin

Retold by Judith Lawrenson M.A.
Illustrated by William Lawrenson, M.A.
Copyright illustrations alll rights reserved

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little village located at the base of a tall mountain near evergreen forests and a lovely lake. This was the village of Hamelin. Oh, what a very special little place it was. The houses were all painted bright colors, the streets were made of matched cobble stones that were as smooth as smooth can be.

It was a family town, too. Lots of children, laughter and fun filled the streets every day. The people of Hamelin were very kind and good also, but they did have one fault. They were not very clean. Bits of food were everywhere. Kitchens were untidy and people left crumbs and scraps wherever they fell. Very lazy and careless, if you know what I mean. A bit like those children who don’t clean their rooms, hmmmm? To tell you the truth, the people were not really concerned about it though, until they started to notice something. Rats!

Yes, all of those crumbs and scraps were attracting rats to the village and the rats were really starting to be a problem. All of a sudden, it seemed, there were rats everywhere. Big ones, too!

They were in drawers, under tables, on the stoves, in the cookie jars-why Mrs. Brooks even claimed to have discovered one in her teapot! The rats were so big, they even scared the cats! Can you imagine that? The people of Hamelin were over run and they didn’t know what to do. Finally, they all got together and decided to take the problem to Mayor Mauldin.

Now Mayor Mauldin was quite a good mayor and everybody liked him, but that really was because not much had ever gone wrong in the little town of Hamelin so the biggest part of his job was simply sitting in his office and being very Mayor Mauldin looking every day. He did that very well indeed, I might just tell you.

When the people of the town came crowding into his office with their rat problem, Mayor Mauldin was quite unsure of what he might do to get rid of the large gray pests. Finally, after lots of careful thought, he decided to contact the Mayors of other towns around Hamelin to see what they could suggest. As luck would have it, one of them had heard of a town with exactly the same problem-possibly, they were a bit messy too!
Anyway, the other Mayor had contacted a fellow known as the Pied Piper to rid his town of the rats. He told Mayor Mauldin that for a bag of brass coins the Pied Piper, a strange looking little fellow, had come into town with a magic flute. He had piped a fantastic song on this unusual instrument, and danced a wild, leaping sort of dance that made all the rats follow him right out of town. Imagine that in you will!

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