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Petunia The Pirate of Port Royal Sound

Fun Page

1.  There are some hard words in this story.  I will list some of them.  You can go back in the story and find some words that you think are hard too.  Are some of yours the same as mine?

  1. particularly
  2. ashore
  3. amazement
  4. declared
  5. complained
  6. fiddles
  7. contest
  8. biscuits
  9. gashed
  10. snivel and whine
  11. disgust
  12. windmill

2.  There are also some cool pirate words and real places in this story.  Do you know what the words mean and where the places can be found on Hilton Head Island?  Look at the map below.

  1. Port Royal Sound
  2. Palmetto Bay Marina
  3. Grog
  4. Harbour Town
  5. Ahoy
  6. Windmill Harbour
  7. Cutlass
  8. Hilton Head Island
  9. Tavern
  10. South Beach Marina
  11. Dastardly
  12. Calibogue Sound
  13. Skull and Cross Bones Flag
  14. Jarvis Creek Park
  15. Skull Creek

3. If you like the story, send me an email at

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