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Petunia Chapter 1

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Petunia The Pirate of Port Royal Sound

Written by Judith Lawrenson
Illustrated by William Lawrenson

Text and Illustrations Copyright © 2007 by Judith Lawrenson and The Reading Room. ISBN 978-0-9767278-0-4

Once upon a time and long ago there was a particularly (par-tick-u-lar- lee) mean pirate named Petunia who called Port Royal Sound her home. You might be mean too if you were a pirate and had a name like Petunia. But really, no one knew why she was that way.

She was known all over Hilton Head Island from Windmill Harbour to South Beach Marina as the most cruel and foul pirate around.  

Let me tell you, there were lots and lots of really mean pirates on Hilton Head Island in those days.  In fact, that's where they all used to hang out.  You couldn't walk down the streets without bumping into hundreds and hundreds of them. Some say even Blackbeard used to be seen around there.

One day, Petunia decided to come ashore at Harbour Town for a couple of days. She sailed her ship up to the dock on Calibogue Sound, crashed into three other ships, and pushed someone overboard on purpose, just for fun.  

She threw garbage at the sea gulls and yelled at a dolphin.

She even kicked another sailor right into the water.  

Then she headed for the Jarvis Creek Tavern for some pirate grog.  

When she arrived at the tavern, to her amazement, the other pirates were having a party.

No one had invited her.  She was very surprised, although I don't know why.  None of the other pirates ever invited her to their parties.  She never brought a good present, always complained about the food, cheated at the party games, and almost always tipped over the punch bowl.  
Anyway, at this party everyone else was there and having a great time.  There were fiddles, dancing, and laughing and everything you would expect to find at a really great pirate party.  What a lot of fun!

"Ahoy, you slimy pirates.  How could you have a party and not invite Petunia, the meanest pirate of them all?  Oh, well, I am here now.  Who wants to fight a duel with cutlasses?" she yelled at the top of her lungs in her most rude sounding voice.  

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