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Midas Chapter 2

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Midas - The Golden Touch
Chapter 2

King Midas was beside himself with delight. He could hardly wait to put his finger on something and see if he really did have the Golden Touch. He got up from his throne and walked out to the garden. He reached out and touched his beautiful fountain. Lo and behold, the fountain, water and all, turned to lovely, shinning, gold. He touched the tip of his royal spear and that too turned instantly to gold. He touched a plate, a mug, a candleholder, and just for fun, he touched his daughter'’ old favorite Teddy Bear.

Every single thing he touched was turned by magic into pure gold. And, of course, magic it was. The creature had indeed kept his word. Midas had "The Golden Touch!"

"Gold, gold, gold, everywhere. My life is complete and I have wealth beyond my wildest dreams!" The King shouted to all who could hear him. He was so excited at the thought of wealth and mountains of gold that the warning of the grantor of wishes was forgotten. He could only think of gold. His mind could think of nothing else.

The power of "The Golden Touch" had clouded his mind and he was beside himself. He raced out into the garden to tell his beloved daughter that his fondest life’s wish had been granted. He saw her across the garden and ran to her side and then (Can you guess what happens next, boys and girls?) he reach out to put his arms around her to share his fantastic news. As he touched her shoulder he froze at the feel of her skin. It was as hard and cold as-you guessed it-Gold!

He jumped back in amazement. Just as he did, one of the beautiful birds who lived in the garden and always came to the princess, landed on the very spot on her shoulder where her father had touched her. The bird, a lovely white dove, cried out in fright and flew far up into the sky.

Just as that happened, the king remembered the warning he had received. Gold, wealth and possessions are truly meaningless. At long last, and when it was too late do anything, he knew the truth. Gold was meaningless. He would have traded it all for one golden hair on his daughter’s head and one smile from her lips.

As he turned away in terrible pain, he felt a touch on his wrist and as he turned in his throne he felt his crown slip from his head.

"Oh, father, you must have fallen asleep again," said a gentle voice.

You are right boys and girls. It was his daughter. His touch of gold had been only a dream. Did you guess that?

He jumped up from his throne and hugged his daughter to his heart. Yes, King Midas had learned a lesson. All the gold in the world was not a valuable or important as the love of his child.

That very day, the king gathered most of his great wealth and started to give it back to his subjects and to the poor of the kingdom. He became known as the best and wisest and most generous king in the entire world. What a wonderful thing.

Isn’t that so much better than being known as the richest?

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