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Cat Chapter 1

Books to Read > The Cat with Three Names
Cat with Three Names
Chapter 1-Name One, Suzy

Written by Judith Lawrenson
Illustrated by William H Lawrenson

Well, there I was with about eight other kittens playing on the living room floor. The lady who owned me was called a "breeder" because she generally had kittens for sale. She had us all in her house though and not in cages, because she really loved cats.
I had been for sale for quite awhile. All of my litter brothers and sisters had gone to good homes. I knew why no one had picked me, of course. My fur was very long for a Seal Point Siamese Cat, which is what I am. I was a little to white as well. Seal Point Siamese cats have very dark, almost black sometimes, points. You know what we look like. We are the beautiful sleek cats with the dark ears, nose, paws and tail. The rest of us is a lovely light tan color. We are very handsome cats. We are very smart too-you know, lots of personality.
Anyway, I also was the last born in my litter and I was a lot smaller than the other kittens. They said I was a "runt." If all of that were not enough, my hip had been hurt when I was born and I walked a little funny-kind of stiff on my back leg. Barely noticeable, really. It was just a little hitch in my get along.
None of this bothered me, of course. I loved to play and have fun. I was smart too. Being little, I had to be smart to keep up.
I think people were afraid to take me home though because I kept being passed over. I wasn’t totally worried yet. I knew the right person would see my personality and intelligence soon. I did want a good home because I like to play and be petted. It was also just a bit hard to get a good meal here too. Not that there was not enough food, but I was still small even though I was not a new litter kitty and I was pretty skinny because I was slower than the others at meal times. All in all, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t much of a prize. I knew I was smart though, and that means a lot.
Well, to go on-one day a young girl came to look for a new kitty because her old cat (seventeen years old!) had died. She had been here before, but I had not seen her, of course, because I had not been born yet. About eight months before, she and her brother came and bought a fabulous female cat who had come from the same parents as mine. They said they loved "Aunty Alice" so much that they came to get another kitty. My older sister must have been a pretty great pet!
Hearing all that, and seeing the gentle way the girl picked up the new kittens, I thought to myself, "Here’s my chance!"
I walked up to her (remember, I had a little limp) and rubbed her ankle. The breeder told the girl that I was Aunty Alice’s sister from the next litter but I had a bad hip and was not a good eater.
"Thanks a lot," I thought to my self. "Just give me a chance and I’ll show you a super pet that you can’t go home without."

I rubbed her ankle again and she reached down and picked me up. I gave her hand a little nip and a lick. She held me up to her face and looked at my eyes and my extra, extra long whiskers. She smiled. What a sweet face she had and you know what-she had blue eyes just like mine. I gave her cheek a rough little lick when she held me against her face.
It worked. I knew it would. I was adopted! I didn’t know it at the time, but boy, was I in for a great life.
The girl, Lesley, took me home in a carry box in her big truck. What fun. When I got there I met Aunty Alice and had some real luck. She was the first kitten the scene, but since I explained to her that I was her little sister she was really nice to me. She was never mean or jealous. She took care of me and showed me the ropes so I really had an easy time fitting in.
The grown ups took one look at me and, of course, fell in love. What with one thing and another, I was pretty cute in a vulnerable sort of way. Mrs. L., the mom of the family, picked me up and gave me my first name right then and there.
"Oh," she said. "You look so pert and intelligent, and those gorgeous eyes, too! You remind me of one of my favorite former students. I am going to name you Suzy after her."

Everyone liked the name right away and I did too. I found out later though that something or someone was always reminding Mrs. L. of "one or her favorite former students." She was a Resource Teacher and I don’t think she ever had a student who wasn’t her favorite. She really loved children, and lucky for me, she loved animals too.
Even more good luck was to come for me. I knew there was a dog in the house because, of course, I could smell him. I feared the worse, you know, because I remembered that the breeder I came from had to take a kitty back from their new owners because their dog didn’t like her. How Awful! What if I got sent back because the dog didn’t like me after everything was going so well?

Oh, what a silly kitty I was. I worried for nothing. Sammy is thirteen years old and gentle as a lamb. He and the old cat Simon had been the best of pals and he was lonely when Simon died. He was glad to have new friends. He is so good to me and to Aunty Alice. He’s a French Poodle and they are pretty funny looking when they are all groomed and poofed up but then most dogs are pretty funny looking to a cat, you know.
We sleep in his bed, drink out of his water dish, and you won’t believe it but he even barks for us when we want to come in from outside so the big people come to let us in. That way we don’t get into trouble for clawing the screen. He used to do the same thing for Simon too. He is very smart. Not as smart as a cat, mind you, but not bad for a dog. The only time he ever growls is when we try to play with his green tennis ball or his leather chew bone, and who wants those toys anyway? Give me a jingle bell in a plastic ball anytime.
I also love to do people stuff. I pretend to read the newspaper. That means I roll over it and bite it and tear it up with my claws. I listen to the telephone too. Sometimes I knock it off the hook and listen to the funny sounds it makes.

I also fetch Sammy’s little ball when I am in the mood. Lesley throws it for me and I bring it back. Sammy doesn’t mind as long as it is not his green tennis ball. I play computer too. That means I walk on the keyboard and look at the moving pictures on the screen. This game is kind of boring though. I don’t know what people see in it.

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