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Boat Dog Ch 2

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Chapter 2 - Boat Dog

After a night sleeping on the boat, we are out to sea again now for quite a long sail. We are going to a place called Norman’s Cay. We see some interesting things here like the wreck of an old airplane, a really funky restaurant with another dog in residence (rez e dense), an airstrip, and a beautiful lagoon. The water is so clear I can see all the way to the bottom. Again, we see some things that makes my imagination (i mage in a shun) wonder who, what and why. Almost nobody lives here . I think it is because it is so dry. As we walk along it is very dusty and the plants are all sort of dry and brown looking. Still, it is quite beautiful in a different sort of way. I am quite dusty though and need to be cleaned off before I get back on board Loligo. Mom and Dad keep me very clean because I sleep near them at night and, of course, I love to sit on people’s laps and no one wants a dirty dog, you know.

We have dinner in the funky restaurant and my owners and their friends say it is really good. I get to taste a piece of a conch (They say this word as konk, but I don’t know why!) fritter and it is very yummy. It tastes like something warm and deep-fried but not potatoes. Mmmmm. I am starting to really like this dry looking scenery too. Lots of places to sniff.

Another night sleeping on the boat, then on we sail on to a very special spot-it is called Stanial’s Cay. As we dock the boat, Dad comes into a very tight spot against a dock. Nobody thinks he can do it so he comes in hard and fast then hits reverse on the boat and WOW there we are perfectly docked. I must tell you, I never doubted (dow ted) for a minute that he could do it.


There are such fascinating (fas sin ate ting) things in the water here. I see a huge sting ray, a barracuda, and a gray nurse shark too. Boats are coming in and out with fish people have caught and some of them are the biggest I have ever seen. How exciting this place seems to be-but wait, the best is yet to come! Mom wants to rent a golf cart and go all around the island so we get to see it all. We take most of the day. When we come back, we have a nice dinner in the little restaurant here but they won’t let me come in. I stay on the boat, but that is all right this time because I am very tired.

I can tell you. Early the next morning Dad and the other people go out to snorkel. (sn or kl - look this work up in the dictionary, boys and girls.) They go to a famous place called Thunderball Grotto. The place was just full of beautiful fish.

Well, off we go again. This time to our very last stop. It is a place called Georgetown. It will be the biggest place we have been but it really is only a small town compared to some of the other places I have been. I am anxious to see it though. So far everything has been so interesting!

Oh, my, so many boats here. Most of the places we have been were almost deserted or had only a few boats. Here though there are lots and lots. The water here is as clear as it can be just like every place in these beautiful Exhuma Islands. I can see all the way to the bottom. How beautiful it is.
Mom and Dad and their friends decide right away to go in to town for a nice lunch and, oh boy, I get to go too. Dogs can come into restaurants here if they are on their leash and are well behaved. Not to brag, but I am very well behaved. I am so lucky to have people who care for me and love me that it is very easy to be good.

Boys and girls, if you have a dog please be sure they are well fed, have lots of water, and go to the vet. Vet is short for veterinarian, which is another name for a Pet Doctor. Look this word up on line with your parents to find out more about it. Most of all though, do things with your dog that show you love him or her. I love to be brushed and I love to sit on laps. I also really like to watch TV and eat crunchy foods. I don’t beg for table foods like some dogs but often after a meal something is put in my bowl if you know what I mean. You know too how much I love to be a boat dog.

I give a little lick or tail wag to say thank you and that I too care. I bark when someone comes to the door but I stop right away when I am told to stop. Also, wait until the end of the story and I will show you something else I do which will totally surprise you. If you have a pet, or are thinking about it, be sure to get the type of pet that will fit in with the way you live. Think about what you do in your day and how a pet could be a part of that before you decide.

I wonder sometimes if that is how I got to be an orphan that rainy night I was found. Perhaps some family thought they wanted a cute little dog and then found out that they could not keep me for some reason. Not all pets who are abandoned (uh ban donned) are so lucky as I was, you know.

Anyway, sorry I got off track. Here we are now in Georgetown, in the Exhuma Islands-how exciting and different. I go to town in the dinghy. When you go to the dinghy dock in Georgetown, you have to go though a cut under the main street. When we go under the road, there is a car that is passing over our heads on the bridge above.

Most of the local people are of African descent and have lovely soft voices. It sounds like music to me when they speak. They open their mouths very wide when they smile or laugh and they are warm friendly. Some of them give us information and chat about their island and tell us interesting places to see. Often as I am walked along on my leash someone will stop to pet me-especially children. They are all in school uniforms and look so clean and happy. We see them getting off of their school bus in the afternoon and they laugh and call to each other. I love it!

The streets here a rough like cobble stones I have walked on before in another place. There are lots of people walking and the streets are narrow so when a car comes they often have to step off the road to let it go by or a car will stop to let a group of people cross the street. This all seems to be done in a very friendly way and no one gets upset or in a hurry.

The buildings are mostly old but many are painted lovely bright colors like pink and blue and even yellow. Right down town there is a big open market and a very green grassy park. The trees are big and green too and it is not so dry as the other islands I have been walking on. The people are all dressed in shorts or light shirts even in nice places and life is kind of relaxed even for the other dogs I see. Lying in the sun sleeping seems to be the biggest dog job around here.

We have rented a car to drive around in and we go to a beach, and to a wonderful new resort. It has a big marina (What is a marina?) and a golf course, and some elegant homes. Very few people live here though, as it is not quite finished yet. I get to walk all around and look at everything including a half- filled marina. Now I know how they build things that seem to come right out of the ocean. I did not understand that before. I am seeing so many things that I am really tired at night. I sometimes take an afternoon nap too and I am not the only one!

We see so many things here around Georgetown and on this island. Look at these great pictures and I know you will want to find out more about this unique (you neek) place.

We have had such a time. Seeing things that are different really makes life such an adventure. I know most of the time people cannot travel all around seeing such sights though. Parents have to work and children must go to school. Do you know another way to have an adventure? Well, I will tell you. Read a book! Yes, books are full of fun adventures, pictures, and all sorts of other things. If you look on this web site you will find lists of interesting books for whatever grade you are in. Remember too, books do not have to cost money. I always say, "Where do all the free books live?" And you know, the answer is "The Library!"

Time to go back home to Hilton Head Island now. Mom is flying home and so am I! How different it will be this time. The first time I was very nervous but now I am just fine. I know there was one of those tiny little pills in my breakfast this morning so I ate it right up. Remember when I told you at the very beginning of the story that I was relaxed and thought the vet had given me something? Here it was again and I knew it would help me be quiet and relaxed through the day of airports and planes. Mom has done this many times, so she is never nervous or frightened and now I am all right too. Look at the next to last picture to see the beautiful islands once more then look at the final picture for the surprise I told you about.


Didn’t you wonder how I went to the bathroom on a ship? Well, here is your answer, boys and girls. When I needed to "go" or Dad went ashore in his little boat called a dinghy I went along too. I jumped into my special bag and off we went. I think that is very clever don’t you?

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